A Guide to Vehicle Key Cutting Services

Many people have lost their house keys at some point, but how about your car keys? Would you know what to do if your car keys were lost, stolen or broken?  Fortunately, we have a quick guide, just in case…

Lost or Stolen Car Keys

Losing your car keys or having them stolen is both inconvenient and worrying. In addition to the question of how you are going to use your vehicle, you need to prevent it from being stolen. So a vehicle key-cutting service is essential. They have the ability to gain access to your car using non-destructive entry techniques, and they will be able to produce and programme a new transponder key. They will also erase the code from your lost or stolen keys so they are no longer recognised by your vehicle ignition system.

Broken Car Keys

A vehicle key-cutting service can also help if you have broken your car keys. This includes the nightmare scenario of your keys snapping in the ignition. A specialist can remove the broken key and, from the remaining pieces, produce a duplicate key and transfer the transponder chip.

A Spare Set of Car Keys

Perhaps you just need a spare set of keys – maybe you have lost your spare set or bought a second-hand vehicle with only one set of car keys? Whatever the situation, a vehicle key-cutting service can help. Using your existing set, specialists will be able to use the latest equipment to quickly and efficiently program a duplicate set of car keys.  Providing you with convenience and an added piece of mind.

If you are looking for a vehicle key-cutting service, look no further than Eyden’s Locksmiths. With a rapid response service that’s second to none, we can help you with lost car keys, stolen car keys and broken car keys – or even just another spare set. Call us today.