Car Keys

Eyden Locksmiths provide a rapid response service for lost car keys, stolen car keys, broken car keys and spare car keys.

We provide keys for a wide range of different vehicles and they are cut to fit the existing lock in your car to make sure that they work perfectly.

To find out more about our Replacement Car Keys call us now on 024 7633 2524 or click here for a free quote.

From 1995 most cars had a immobiliser installed as standard. This is in the form of a transponder chip . Most people are unaware that their vehicle has a transponder immobiliser installed on to their car, as this is not controlled through pressing of a button on a key, but is passively set every time the ignition is switched off and is disarmed every time the vehicle is switched on with a valid programmed transponder key. The transponder is normally hidden into the head of the key and no power\battery is needed.

Remote car key with various buttons

Remote Keys  (Also known Blippers, Zappers, Remote Key Entry RKE) Allows you to Remotely unlock and lock your vehicle by the pressing of a button, it  can also arm and disarm your alarm if your vehicle has one fitted. Very rarely does the remote function immobiliser your vehicle as this is normally done by the transponder, Some vehicles that do immobiliser through operating  the remote are early Renaults vehicles approx. pre 2002, All Rover Vehicles except the Rover 75, Pre 2002yr Vauxhall Vivaro and Movano  and Nissan Primastar.

At Eyden Auto Locksmiths we can code new and replacement keys whether you have lost all your keys or are just after a spare.

Most modern car keys are three keys in one. They are:

  • A mechanical key which releases the steering lock.
  • A key containing a coded transponder chip which is read by the car when the key is put in the ignition.
  • A remote control to unlock the car doors and de-activate the alarm

Don’t panic if you have lost a car key which does all these things, we can still get them replaced.

We can make sure that lost car keys are erased from your car immobiliser systems so that they can’t be used to start your vehicle should they get into the wrong hands and we can also ensure that your new transponder key is coded correctly for your vehicle.

If it’s just a set of spare car keys you need then we can do that as well. Just pop into our shop and we can do them while you wait.

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Stolen Car Keys
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