Spare Car Keys

If you can’t find your spare set of car keys and you’re worried about only having one set then drop in to see us and we can sort out some spares in no time .It always helps to have a spare car key either in case of an emergency or for another driver.

spare car keyUsing your existing set it is easy for Eyden Locksmiths to cut a duplicate set for you. If you have recently bought a secondhand vehicle you may only have been given one set of car keys so for peace of mind it pays to have a second set cut. This is a far cheaper and quicker option than going to a main dealer to get a spare set.

As an auto locksmith specialist we can cut spare keys for just about any make or model of vehicle. Just give us a call and we can advise you.

We have all the latest equipment required to cut and program spare car keys and we have the know-how to do it quickly and efficiently so that you’re not left waiting.

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