Vehicle Security


deadlock system with keys
At Eyden Locksmiths we are experienced fitters and installers of vehicle security deadlocks. Deadlocks are mainly necessary for commercial vehicles such as vans and trucks where expensive goods, machinery and tools are stored in these vehicles during the day and over night. A deadlock is an extra lock that we install as a secondary security measure to keep both your vehicle and contents safe. The locks are installed neatly and unobtrusive and let’s face it, having two locks is far better than one.

Eyden Euro-deadlocks are true deadlocks, they have an internal mechanism which only ‘lifts’ when the correct key is being used to unlock the device and this prevents the lock bolt being pushed back into the lock case. Cheaper ‘deadlocks’ often rely solely on the actual key barrel to provide ‘deadlocking’, resulting in a much lower level of security.

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Slam Doorsvehicle slam lock with key

As well as deadlocks, we also install slam doors in commercial vehicles. A slam door in an installed device that, once a door is shut (both rear and sliding doors), it is locked immediately upon closure, requiring the use of the legitimate key to regain access. These are ideal for commercial vehicles and more specifically multi drop vans to give peace of mind over the security of your goods.


Completely encasing the vulnerable area around the doorlock and/or handle. On the outside is a tough, but aesthetically appealing stainless steel plate providing an incredibly tough barrier. This is further reinforced by another steel plate on the inside of the door. With the actual doorskin, this forms a triple-barrier of steel between the thief and the contents of your van.

locked armaplate on a van

How does it fit? The stainless-steel exterior plate has threaded studs on the reverse side which go through the doorksin and then through the steel backing-plate. These protective layers are then bonded together with 10mm Locknuts, resulting in a virtually impenetrable barrier!

Unlike other devices such as hasp & staples, our security plate has an ultra-slim profile preventing it from being gripped and torn through the weak doorskin. It has no moving parts and will therefore never wear out or stop working. Its stainless steel construction means it will never rust or look untidy. No additional keys are necessary. It requires no action from the driver and will therefore always be doing its job.

In addition to being the best lock-protection device on the market, the security plate will also save you money by acting as a virtual repair after a theft attack has already taken place! When thieves have attacked your vehicle, you would normally be left with an expensive and time-consuming repair at your local bodyshop – but by fitting security plating instead, the device will effectively repair the existing damage and prevent it from happening again!

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