Why Vehicle Security

Around 100,000 vehicles are stolen every year in the UK.
It can take Less than 10 seconds for a thief to gain access and drive away.
Almost 30 million vehicles on UK roads.
About 28,000 vehicle crimes are reported each month.
On average 242 offences per 10,000 vehicles on UK roads.
Ford Transit Vans account for 17.6% of stolen vans.
The average claim is around £5,091 for stolen tools.
It only takes one phone call and we can help you protect your vehicle.

man breaking into a vehicle

When a van is broken into, it gives access to any tools or equipment in it. If your van was broken into, could you do your job without your van/tools?

Think about how much business and money would be lost in just the first day alone.
Add extra security to your vehicle so you can prevent any loss of earnings, having to purchase extra tools – which you already had, and having to make a claim on your insurance.

Don’t leave it to chance, call our Auto Locksmith security helpline on 024 7633 2524 or click here to contact us and we can point you in the right direction and give you the protection you need!