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5 Reasons to Install a Burglar Alarm

Breaking and entering is one of the most common crimes reported in residential areas of the UK. It’s better to stay safe and keep your home secure with a burglar alarm. Not only will they help prevent your property and possessions being damaged/stolen, burglar alarms also protect you from potential harm to you and your family. At Eyden we take home security very seriously, so we bring you 5 very good reasons to install a burglar alarm.


Similarly to a “Beware of the dog” sign, a burglar alarm can deter any potential thieves from even so much as opening your garden gate. But a burglar alarm is far more effective as a deterrent as, regardless of whether you throw a piece of raw steak over the gate, it will definitely go off…very loudly. Burglar alarms are excellent at stopping a potential burglary at the root of the problem rather than after it’s happened.

Keeps Valuables Safe

It doesn’t matter what you own – most burglars are small-time opportunists and they’ll steal anything. Installing burglar alarms keeps valuables safe and sound. Some of you may have priceless family heirlooms of sentimental value, in which case a burglar alarm is the perfect way to keep them secure in your home.

Saves Money on Home Insurance

As we mentioned above, burglar alarms are designed to protect both humans and possessions. Installing a burglar alarm reduces the risk of burglaries and, in turn, lowers your home insurance costs. Much like a new driver, insurance companies are taking a bigger risk on homes without a burglar alarm system set up – so get one installed to save up to 5% on your home insurance policy while keeping your household safe.

Entirely Bespoke

At Eyden we provide bespoke burglar alarm packages, as well as standard packages. We give you the option to set your burglar alarm as “arm at home” or “arm away.” This is so you can choose whether to set the burglar alarm for your entire home while you’re at work or on holiday – or only in certain parts of the home so you don’t accidentally set it off.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Mental health and wellbeing is very important to living a full and happy life. Burglar alarms work wonders in reducing stress and anxiety levels. They give you peace of mind while you’re away and they make you feel safe and secure when you’re home.

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Choosing the right Home Safe

Since 2008 when the recession first hit, home safes have drastically increased in popularity. When people realised that they could no longer trust the banks with their money and valuables they decided to invest in their own form of security to ensure that their money and valuables are sufficiently protected. Although choosing a safe sounds like a lengthy and complicated process it is actually quite simple once you consider the following things.

The first aspect of a safe to look at is its fire rating which will tell you how long a safe can withstand direct flames without its contents being destroyed or damaged. This rating is measured in hours and generally it is recommended that you choose a safe with a minimum of one hour.

The next thing to look at is the safes cash rating which will tell you how burglar resistant the safe is. The rating is usually calculated by the strength of the safe including both its walls and door. It also looks at how complex the locking mechanism is and how difficult it is to remove the safe from where it is located. Naturally, the higher the rating, the more secure the safe is from burglary. However, do remember that although the cash rating may be high, it may have a low fire resistance so make sure you thoroughly research each safe and read a variety of reviews.

Although people like the idea of a large safe, it is usually more advisable to purchase something small as they are easier to conceal and can be placed in a variety of environments. This is why it is important that you pre determine the volume of items that need to be put in your safe so you can make sure you aren’t buying anything too large.

It is also important to decide whether you want the safe to be portable or to be a permanent fixture in your home. In an emergency you will be able to pick up your safe and carry it with you but if it is bolted into the building you must be sure that it is a model that has the appropriate ratings to withstand either a fire or burglary.

Finally, you must keep your budget in mind and purchase the best possible safe to meet your needs. Although prices can be quite high, you must remember that you are protecting money, valuables and essential documentation and therefore you must decide what they are worth to determine your budget.

At Eyden Locksmiths we offer a wide variety of safes to fit your specific needs, so contact us on 024 7633 2524 today and see what we can do for you.

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The Benefits of a Car Alarm System

In this day and age your vehicle’s safety and security is just as important as your home as it is just as valuable, making it a prime targeted for burglary. Therefore installing a car alarm system is of paramount important for many people and comes with many benefits which consist of the following:

  • Although a car alarm is a very simple device, it sends out a clear message to thieves that there is a very high chance of someone noticing/being alerted of their activities if they try to break in.
  • In terms of protecting your personal valuables it is a very cost effective measure to safeguard the car and its contents.
  • Thieves will always choose an easier target and by installing a car alarm system you are reducing the chance of your vehicle becoming a target.
  • One of the biggest costs of owning a vehicle is the insurance and when you do not have any car alarm systems fitted your insurance premium will automatically be higher. Most modern cars are fitted with some form of systems which insurance companies will take into account. However, if you own an older car which does not have these systems, you will often find that the insurance is much higher. Installing a car alarm is option available to most drivers with them being more widely affordable and often you will find that the cost of installation is offset by the reduction in insurance costs.
  • If your vehicle is unfortunately stolen, having an alarm system with a tracking device will transmit the location without the thief ever knowing. This means law enforcement will be able to locate and retrieve your vehicle quickly.
  • Some systems allow the driver to control aspects of the vehicle from their phone and in the event that it is stolen the driver can send a signal from their phone to kill the cars functionality, forcing it to remain stationary until the driver changes this.

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Do I really need to install a CCTV system at home?

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) is used as a security tool to capture video to protect the interests of a property. It is a system that is used by most businesses to protect and sure their property, contents and occupants, it is only recently that the idea of using this type of security at home has become more widely acknowledged. There are endless benefits to using a CCTV system is your home but if you are still unsure of whether or not it is worth it, here are a few reasons that might help you decide.

  • Despite the stereotype of CCTV in movies showing what seems to be a large command centre room with a multitude of screens the reality is much simpler. Through remote monitoring from inside your home you can discover exactly what is happening outside. With some CCTV systems, you can use your smartphone or tablet by clicking on an app or simply use your laptop to view the footage.
  • You can also use CCTV to capture evidence of individuals you suspect of engaging in criminal activity. Once you capture this footage it will act as irrefutable evidence in an investigation.
  • It will provide you and your family with an increased sense of security in your home which is the most important aspect of having a security system. CCTV is a low cost way of ensuring that not only your property is protected but it means you can also keep an eye on your children and pets too.
  • A CCTV system is one of the biggest deterrents for intruders and can therefore help prevent crimes. Often when potential intruders see a mounted camera and alarm system they do not even think of trying to break in and will simply move on.

If your CCTV system is installed correctly (preferably by a well-known established business) and used responsibly, you will soon come to realize the many benefits of CCTV cameras and systems.

When you’re considering a CCTV system in your home, why not contact Eyden Locksmiths?

We build CCTV systems to fit your individual needs, from custom-designed systems to ready-made kits available in store, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you on the best route forward.

Benefits of Installing an Access Control System

Access control systems are electronic security solutions which are installed to help you manage the movement of people on your premises. Having this kind of system in place is everything you need in order to know who is in your premises and when they are there. It enables you to give and take entry to staff and visitors who are entitled to access. It will act as a visible deterrent to those trying to access areas they are not permitted to be in, whether it is secured to a single entrance point or applied across the site with a variety of doors and access zones.

There are many benefits to having an access control system installed on your premises, consisting of the following:

  • It helps you to manage the security of your site as a whole with both permanent and contract staff who leave.
  • It enables you to restrict car park access to only authorised personnel.
  • Lost keys will not be an issue as you can quite easily issue and new card and void the old one so there are no possibilities of a security breach
  • Anyone on the site without either an access card or a pin is prevented from having access
  • It enables you to have all of your security centrally controlled from one point
  • It provides you with on and off site management control
  • You will be able to improve staff management with report making it easier for human resources to keep track of employees’ time keeping and track staff movements throughout the day.
  • It is much easier to generate a register of who is on site in the event of a fire
  • Certain doors can be set to be open during set periods of the day using this system
  • It stops knowledge of entry codes circulating and causing a security breach
  • With a more secure restricted access system you can safeguard your stock and equipment better.

If you’re considering implementing an access control system contact Eyden Locksmith now on 024 7633 2524.

Reasons to Invest in a Monitored Burglar Alarm System

Being burgled is a terrifying thought that we try not to ever think of happening to our own homes. However, the reality is that if your home is not fully protected and fitted with a burglar alarm or a security system, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. There are many different burglar alarm and security systems that you can have installed in your home but arguably one of the most important aspects to look into when choosing the system is that it is monitored.  There are many benefits to installing a monitored burglar alarm which consist of the following:

  • When a monitored alarm system is triggered the police will be immediately notified and dispatched straight away if the password is not verified. But you will find that with cheaper alarm systems, the police are not as readily available.
  • Due to the advanced technology involved with this kind of alarm system, it is very unlikely for there to be a false alarm. Properties that regularly have false alarms are less likely to be visited by the police and will be ignored by neighbours.
  • If you have a good alarm system that is well monitored you will find that insurance companies are willing to offer discounts ranging from 2%-15% on home contents insurance.
  • Burglars will be deterred if they see that you have a monitored alarm system with statistics showing that 60% of all burglaries in homes with alarm systems fitted are unsuccessful.
  • Most professional burglars will often try to tamper with or cut the alarm. With a monitored burglar alarm the police are automatically notified.
  • Monitored alarm systems not only monitor burglar activity but also have different systems to monitor fires, gas and false alarms.

With these factors in mind, you will find that in the long term it is worth spending the extra money on a monitored alarm system to help you feel safe whether you are in or out of your home.

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How to replace car keys

When it comes to losing your keys it is advised to firstly take the pre-emptive measure of writing down your cars VIN number. This number will be necessary in finding someone who can help you replace your keys. Generally this number is found on the dashboard on the driver’s side and will be visible through the window. Be sure to also write down the year, make and model of your vehicle as you will also need this.

Auto Locksmith 24/7 Call Out Availability  

Aside from this initial measure, the first step to take when you’ve lost your keys is to call a nearby auto locksmith as they will generally provide you with the best deal. Generally, you will find that they will not charge you to visit the car but will open the car for you and then proceed to make you a key. Hardware stores are able to cut keys from copies but are often unable to create new car keys. Locksmiths however have more sophisticated machinery and are more readily equipped to help you.

Find The Appropriate Service Providers

If you have lost a key fob, the locksmith will be able to help in making a new one, dependant on how sophisticated it is. They should also be able to help you programme your replacement key although you can do this yourself by reading through your car’s instruction manual. You must also keep in mind that any other key fobs for that vehicle won’t often work until the new key is programmed.

Contact the Auto Locksmiths Specialists

If however you don’t want to go down this route (which will ultimately be the quickest option available to you) you can always look online for a discounted replacement key or fob. You will often find that online there are keys and fobs available that cost quite a bit less than you would pay from a manufacturer directly. However, make sure you buy from a reputable seller who specialises in replacing car keys and has good customer reviews.

How to ensure security at home

When you envisage being burgled you typically think of professional thieves carrying out the job but in fact, most home burglaries are carried out by amateurs. By employing some very basic home security precautions, you can help protect your home and decrease the chance of burglary.

  • Firstly, by simply planning out a burglary on your house in your mind will help you to realise any weakness in your security that you may have overlooked in the past.
  • Locking your home every time you leave the house may seem obvious but many people still will leave their doors and windows unlocked under the pretence that they will ‘only be gone for 5 minutes’ but it is during this time that a burglar could easily walk straight in.
  • If you have recently moved into a new house it is advisable that you change all the locks on doors and windows. You don’t know who had access to keys with the previous owners and therefore not doing so leaves your house at risk.
  • Do not leave spare keys or alarm codes lying around or somewhere outside you think is hidden. Often thieves will suspect keys to be hidden nearby and check places such as under welcome mats and plant pots.
  • Although most burglars are amateurs, there are professional who will look for ways of disabling your alarm system. Therefore it is important that you do not leave any wiring exposed that could easily be cut or disconnected.
  • It is also important that if you have a faulty alarm system, you get it fixed immediately and inform your neighbours. Often if alarms are prone to go off neighbours will ignore it.
  • Burglars will often look for properties which appear to be unoccupied at that time but by using timers to switch on lights and radios/televisions you can avoid this.
  • If you see any unusual or suspicious cars you should speak to your neighbours about it and if necessary call a non-urgent police line to report it.
  • Never leave notes on your door or in your porch for service people or family members as this is practically a welcome mat for potential burglars or intruders.
  • If the front entrance to your home is dark consider installing some lighting as thieves do not wish to be seen trying to enter a home.

If you need help ensuring the security of your home, contact Eyden Locksmiths today.

Locksmith Services – A Guide

If you’ve ever locked yourself out or lost your keys, you’ll know how important a good locksmith service is. But with so much choice, how can you make sure you pick the best service?

Nearby and Available

When starting your search, look for a locksmith that’s local to your business or home. This will help prevent additional out-of-area charges by locksmith firms.  In addition, look for locksmiths who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After all, you never know when you may need their services.

Specialist and Experienced Locksmiths

Prioritise locksmiths who are not only experienced but who also offer specialised services. Some locksmiths for example will specialise only in dwellings, business or automobile security. Look for a firm that provides all the services you may need as a home, business and/or car owner. In addition, it’s a good idea to make sure that your locksmith is trained in non-destructive entry (NDE), so that there is as little damage as possible to your existing locks and property.

Check Liability and Cost

In case any damage occurs, always check your locksmith is fully insured. This will provide you with piece of mind should the unforeseeable occur. Always confirm pricing before a job is assumed and make sure there are no hidden charges.

Be Prepared

Finally, don’t wait until you have an emergency to locate a reliable locksmith service. Spend a little time looking into locksmiths in your area so that in the event of a crisis, you will know who to call. This will ensure that in a panic, you don’t make the wrong choice.

With over twenty years of experience, Eyden Locksmiths can offer you the expertise and customer service you need. Specialists in non-destructive entry and experts in commercial, home and automobile security, we are the locksmiths’ service you can trust.

Securing Your Business: Choosing the Right Solution

Security of your business is one of the most important investments you can make. However, with so many companies vying for your attention, how do you make sure you’re choosing wisely? The answer is quite simple, provided you follow a few rules of thumb.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

Different businesses require different levels of security. Similarly, one security measure may not be enough. CCTV can send a clear message to criminals to stay away, but these can be backed up with security grilles, alarm systems, or safes for cash and items of value. A good security company will consult with you to find a bespoke, multi-layered security solution that is perfect for you.

24/7 Callouts and Monitoring

21st century security systems are amazing in themselves, but nothing compares to knowing your business has an army of security professionals behind it. Look for firms who offer alarm and CCTV monitoring, as well as emergency call-out services. Within seconds of your security being breached, these services can contact you or your nominated contacts and be on their way to secure your premises. Monitoring services can even respond in cases of fire, carbon monoxide and gas leakages, and floods.

Emergency Glazing and Boarding

There’s an old adage that says that wherever there’s glass there’s the potential for burglary. Look for security services that also offer emergency glazing and boarding, as you won’t want to waste time calling an emergency glazier as well as your security firm. Nothing is worse for business than a broken window, so working with a one-stop shop will ensure the situation is resolved quickly.

Don’t leave anything to chance when securing your business. The right firms offer multi-tiered and bespoke solutions backed up with 24/7 support. You’ll rest easily with the right security.