The future of home security systems is very much among us and with the tools we have in our homes and day to day lives, we can really utilise our devices to enhance the level of home security you have. At Eydens, we have state of the art CCTV systems for integration, not only in a domestic setting, but in commercial properties too. The systems are customisable and can be shaped towards your needs.

The image quality over the last few years has increased dramatically, but this isn’t the only place that technology has been driven forwards. With our CCTV kits, we have the option to stream live footage to your mobile devices including both Android and iOS devices.

The units come ready with 500gb of built in storage, enough to record up to 30 days of footage. When the hard drive becomes full, the oldest date on the hard drive is overwritten. This means it is completely maintenance free in terms of deleting footage.

One of the newest features is the ability to have notifications sent straight to your devices when movement is detected in the field of sight of the camera. If movement is detected, an email is sent to the chosen email address to notify yourself with the option to then launch the streamed footage in your browser including mobile devices. The cameras themselves are small and discreet and have infra-red illumination, allowing the camera to see at night.

We stock a large range of DIY Kits in Coventry and across the Midlands in our store. These kits can be bought and installed by yourself, or you can have us install the cameras on your property. The CCTV kits come in a range of sizes, including:

  • 4 Camera Kits
  • 8 Camera Kits
  • 12 Camera Kits

Each kit contains high end cameras, hard drives to store the data and the ability to view the camera feeds on a laptop or mobile device.

Home security is becoming more and more cost effective and quite simply, more convenient to install in your property. We can offer advice built from years of experience in domestic and commercial security, so for answers to any doubts or general questions, please call us today on 024 7633 2524.

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