How to Choose an Intruder Alarm for Your Domestic Property

Whilst the incidence of domestic burglaries has decreased in recent years, they are still commonplace. The media coverage of crime reduction has lulled many homeowners into a false sense of security, but it’s still important to ensure effective security measures are in place at your home. Your home is less likely to be broken into when you have an intruder alarm fitted. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing the best intruder alarm.

Which Type of Alarm Should You Choose?

There are several different types of burglar alarm, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. You should consider each of these before making a decision. The two most common types of alarm are audible-only, and monitored alarms.

An audible-only alarm is the most cost-effective solution. This makes a noise when a burglar enters your home, but does not alert the authorities. In most cases, this is enough to deter intruders and alert your neighbours.

Monitored alarms provide the most security, as they’re connected to a security centre that monitors your alarm 24/7. If your alarm is triggered, the centre will be notified and will attempt to make contact with the home to verify your identity and ensure everything is okay. If verification is unsuccessful, the police will be notified. This solution is more expensive, as you will incur monthly fees as well as the up-front installation costs.

Which Supplier Is Best?

There are many security firms in the UK, and many homeowners opt for the larger firms to ensure maximum security. However, there are also many independent security firms that can provide excellent, cost-effective solutions. Do your research, and find a reputable and reliable firm to protect your home. You should ensure your supplier has been approved by an independent security scheme, such as the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

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