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5 Reasons to Install a Burglar Alarm - Breaking and entering is one of the most common crimes reported in residential areas of the UK. It’s better to stay safe and keep your home secure with a burglar alarm. Not only will they help prevent your property and possessions being damaged/stolen, burglar alarms also protect you from potential harm to you and your […]
Choosing the right Home Safe - Since 2008 when the recession first hit, home safes have drastically increased in popularity. When people realised that they could no longer trust the banks with their money and valuables they decided to invest in their own form of security to ensure that their money and valuables are sufficiently protected. Although choosing a safe sounds […]
The Benefits of a Car Alarm System - In this day and age your vehicle’s safety and security is just as important as your home as it is just as valuable, making it a prime targeted for burglary. Therefore installing a car alarm system is of paramount important for many people and comes with many benefits which consist of the following: Although a […]
Do I really need to install a CCTV system at home? - CCTV (Closed-circuit television) is used as a security tool to capture video to protect the interests of a property. It is a system that is used by most businesses to protect and sure their property, contents and occupants, it is only recently that the idea of using this type of security at home has become […]
Benefits of Installing an Access Control System - Access control systems are electronic security solutions which are installed to help you manage the movement of people on your premises. Having this kind of system in place is everything you need in order to know who is in your premises and when they are there. It enables you to give and take entry to […]
Reasons to Invest in a Monitored Burglar Alarm System - Being burgled is a terrifying thought that we try not to ever think of happening to our own homes. However, the reality is that if your home is not fully protected and fitted with a burglar alarm or a security system, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. There are many different burglar […]
How to replace car keys - When it comes to losing your keys it is advised to firstly take the pre-emptive measure of writing down your cars VIN number. This number will be necessary in finding someone who can help you replace your keys. Generally this number is found on the dashboard on the driver’s side and will be visible through […]
How to ensure security at home - When you envisage being burgled you typically think of professional thieves carrying out the job but in fact, most home burglaries are carried out by amateurs. By employing some very basic home security precautions, you can help protect your home and decrease the chance of burglary. Firstly, by simply planning out a burglary on your […]
Locksmith Services – A Guide - If you’ve ever locked yourself out or lost your keys, you’ll know how important a good locksmith service is. But with so much choice, how can you make sure you pick the best service? Nearby and Available When starting your search, look for a locksmith that’s local to your business or home. This will help […]
Securing Your Business: Choosing the Right Solution - Security of your business is one of the most important investments you can make. However, with so many companies vying for your attention, how do you make sure you’re choosing wisely? The answer is quite simple, provided you follow a few rules of thumb. A Multi-Faceted Approach Different businesses require different levels of security. Similarly, […]