Lock Problems in the Winter

Now that the colder weather is starting to kick in and winter is on the near horizon we can expect to see a few lock problems arising due to the dip in temperatures.

Typically, the type of problem you see is uPVC door contraction. When the temperature drops uPVC doors have this unfortunate habit of contracting by a couple of millimetres. It doesn’t sound a lot but unfortunately it can throw the locking mechanism out of line.

Normally this problem can be dealt with by adjusting the hinges in the door but sometimes it’s not as straightforward as that. What tends to happen is that people will put up with the stiffness of the lock and keep applying considerable force to lock the door.

This will work for a time but from experience we know that eventually the door can jam for good and then you have no choice but to call in a locksmith. Un-jamming doors which have been repeatedly forced can be extremely problematical, take a lot of time to sort out and as a consequence be quite expensive to fix.

Our advice is if you start getting stiffness in your locks and you can’t sort it yourself by adjusting the hinges then call in a locksmith now…..it will be much cheaper in the long run!

Conversely, in the summer months, upvc doors will expand and then you have another problem. The door swells in the heat and becomes too big for the door space, rendering it difficult to open and close again. Sometimes by just cooling the door down with some cold water you can get it to open and close again so if you ever experience this then give that a try.

For more advice about locks and getting help with any lock problems then please do not hesitate to contact us.