uPVC Doors and Windows Spares

At Eydens Locksmiths, we have a whole range of high quality spares for uPVC Doors and Windows for both domestic and commercial settings. So no matter what you need, you can count on us to assist. We stock a massive range of spares for all types of UPVC doors, Windows and Patio Doors.

Pop into our shop on Wallace Road Coventry or call 02476 332524 whether you just want to check stocks and availability or want to book an engineer.

UPVC Doors

UPVC Doors installed in family homeCommon faults\call outs

  • Change lock due to missing\stolen keys
  • Broken Lock Mechanisms (Could be jammed Shut, therefore need to be professional opened and replaced)
  • Doors not aligned (Dropped) Often a UPVC will not sit square in its frame and it has become out of shape, therefore it is possible to straighten\realign the door by using heal and toe techniques. Often this caused other problems such as a broken lock mechanism as the door has become difficult to operate and undue pressure has been exerted through the lock
  • Night latch facility, this is when the door is secured from the outside when the door is shut, without the need to actually lock the door from the inside. Often people forget and there is a danger that a uninvited person  can work into their property with being noticed. We can often convert or upgrade the existing locks to have this facility.

Replacement of:

  • Euro Profile Cylinders
  • 3 Star British Standard Anti Snap  Euro profile Cylinders
  • Hinges (Flag and Butt)
  • Letter Boxes
  • Handles
  • Locking Mechanism (Mul-T-Point Locks)
  • Heal and Toeing of Doors
  • Replacement Glass
  • Lock Strikers
  • Door Restrictors (Stops wind from forcing door back to far/quickly and normally damaging the hinges)

 Extra Security

  • High Security Bolts
  • 3 Star British Standard Anti Snap  Euro profile Cylinders
  • Security Handles
  • Door Chains
  • Spy Holes

UPVC Windows

UPVC Windows in a family home

Common faults\ Callouts

  • Fault lock mechanism or handle
  • Misted Glass Double Glazed Unit
  • Not Closing Correctly – Replacement Hinges (friction stays)
  • Lost keys

Replacement of:

  • Glass
  • Hinges (Friction stays)
  • Locking Mechanism (espagnolette)
  • Handles
  • Window Restrictors (Security and to prevent children/people falling out)
  • Trickle Vents
  • Tilt and Turn Window Spares
  • Tilt and Slide Window Spares
  • Lock Strikers

Patio DoorPatio door in a residential home

  • Common Call outs
  • Door not closing correctly, adjustment of rollers or roller and or track replacement
  • Lost Keys
  • Broken Locking Levers


  • Rollers
  • Tracks
  • Locks
  • Handles
  • Levers
  • Glass