What is cylinder snapping?

One of the most common methods that a burglar uses to break into a property is known as ‘cylinder snapping’. Also referred to as ‘lock bumping’ or ‘lock snapping,’ there’s a good chance that you’ve heard these phrases used in the media and by the police.

A large number of properties, both domestic and commercial, have UPVC doors and windows and more often than not, the locking system involves what’s known as a euro cylinder. The process of cylinder snapping involves the burglar breaking the cylinder and then forcing the lock to open. Even though your door may have multi-locking points, all of these are operated by the cylinder and if broken these locking points will be compromised and stop working properly.

Cylinders are notorious for being the weakest point on your door and your average burglar knows this. They don’t even need to be particularly skilled to make a break-in because you don’t need to have any specialist tools or knowledge about how to go about it, simple brute force normally suffices. It is estimated that around 25% of burglaries use cylinder snapping so it really is a significant problem.

So what can you do to protect your property?

At Eyden’s Locksmiths we know all too well the upset and distress that a break-in can cause and we can provide you with a wide range of security measures to give your property the best possible protection. This includes supplying and fitting 3 Star British Standard Anti-Snap Euro Profile Cylinders, High Security Bolts, Security Handles and Door Chains. These measures will give you high levels of protection and peace of mind that you are doing all you can to prevent a break-in.

When it comes to fitting Anti-Snap locks we always recommend that you use a professional locksmith to fit it for you. All of our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced in fitting Anti-Snap locks and they have the correct tools for the job. To find out more then please contact us now.

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