Where is the Best Location for a Home Safe

Installing a safe in your home is one of the best ways of protecting your valuables, and the location of that safe plays in important part in the level of security it offers.

However, there isn’t one best place to install your safe – its location will depend on a number of other factors, including the type and weight of safe, what you intend to store in it, and how frequently you need to access it.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of your safe is a determining factor in where it’s located. If you have a freestanding safe, it can be placed in any room, or in a cupboard or wardrobe if space permits. However, if it’s over 1,000lbs in weight it should be kept on the ground floor.

Type of Safe

The type of safe also has an impact on where you will locate it. Some types of safe are obvious. A floorboard safe will tuck discreetly under your floorboards, whereas an under-floor safe, which is set in concrete for maximum security, will need to go in your garage or the ground floor of your home.

Wall safes are designed to be discrete and fairly obviously need to be cut into a wall, then covered with an inconspicuous door.

Your Valuables

Finally, the items you store in your safe affect its placement. It’s recommended that the safe is placed as close to the point of use for the items it contains. Jewellery, watches, and money should be in or close to the master bedroom, whereas important documents such as your passport, and birth and marriage certificates could be in your home office, along with your laptop and other expensive electronics.

If you don’t need to access the items frequently, the location is less important.

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