Why you should use a locksmith and not a handyman!

If you are unfortunate enough to lock yourself out of your home or car it can be tempting to call the local handyman to help. After all, he’s bound to have a bit of experience and a few tools to do the job and he’s bound to be a lot cheaper.

This may be the case but at the end of the day, a handyman is a jack of all trades and will not have the range of tools that a licensed locksmith will have. And no disrespect to handymen (because they do provide a great service) but they simply won’t have the training required.

Here are 3 great reasons why you should always use a locksmith in the event of a lockout:

Knowledge & Experience – Locksmiths will have a wide variety of experience with different locks, techniques and will have the know-how to use non-destructive entry methods so that damage can be avoided. A handyman will not have this.

Security & Peace of Mind – Locksmiths will have knowledge of the safest and best locks to use for your particular situation. They will not fob you off with cheap locks from the high street and they will be trained and licensed to carry out your job securely and with your best interests.

Insurance – A professional locksmith or locksmith company will be insured and therefore any accidental damage that might occur as a result of their efforts you will be covered for. A handyman is unlikely to have this.

By using a professional locksmith you can be rest assured that a trained professional will be working on your job and that they will give you the best advice and service in what is often a stressful time. If you need the assistance of one of our professional locksmith team please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help.