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Prevents the Car Starting

Having a Ghost Immobiliser installed prevents the engine from starting without entering the unique pin code configuration.

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Activated by Gear Change

In some cars the Ghost II will allow the car to start but when the gear is changed, the engine will shutdown.

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Use with Android or iPhone app, or Dongle

As an alternative to the pin code configuration, the mobile app or dongle paired with the vehicle can substitute the pin code. When you want to start the car, you only need to use the mobile app. Using Bluetooth the app and the car start communicating as soon as the phone is within 5-10 metres.

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Emergency Pin Code

You can reset your pin via a unique reset code, so no need to worry if you forget.

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Service / Valet Mode

Turning on Service or Valete mode means your vehicle cannot be driven over 36mph. If it is driven over this speed, the Ghost immobiliser automatically blocks the engine after it is switched off. To start your car again, you will need to enter the pin code.

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Compatible Vehicle Makes

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser can be installed on virtually any vehicle, and it works without fault.

eydens has a proven track record

We have a proven track record and successfully installed hundreds of Ghost II devices in response to the rise in car theft. As experts in vehicle security we work with our suppliers in finding the weak security points to help better protect vehicles.

While a car alarm can make noise when the vehicle is accessed, and a car tracker can monitor the vehicle in motion, the key aim is to stop the vehicle from being driven by unauthorised drivers. It’s also important to understand that one size does not fit all, and security solutions required differ from one vehicle to another.

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TASSA verified

Vehicle marking system used by insurance companies across Europe, linked to the International Security Register


Contact us now to arrange your Autowatch Ghost II installation.

I took my Porsche Panamera to have a Ghost fitted at Eydens and was extremely impressed by their professionalism.

The engineer (Steve I think his name was) was very knowledgeable and happily answered all of my questions.

The installation itself was effortless and completed well within the time quoted.

They took fantastic care of my car and when they had finished you would never even know they had worked on it.

I cannot recommend Eydens enough if you want a fast, friendly and expert installation of a Ghost.

Thank you once again.