Alarm Accessories

Eydens Wireless Complete Alarm System is very easy to expand from the standard packages that we offer. We have a number of Security,  Safety,  Control , Emergency and General Alarm Accessories available from our store in Coventry and across the UK that allow you to easily customise your alarm system. Contact us now on 024 7633 2524 if you need any further information as one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will be happy to help.

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Available Alarm Accessories


Motion Detectorsmotion detector

Wireless, digital motion detectors with a pet-tolerant model for animals weighing up to 38kg  (85lb) and a contemporary design that suits any décor.

Outdoor Detectorsoutdoor detector

Advanced wireless outdoor motion detector for harsh environment, with virtually no false alarms.

Curtain Detectorscurtain detector

Wireless, miniature curtain-type motion detector for the protection of doors, windows and all-glass walls.

Motion Mirror Detectorsmotion mirror detector

Wireless, mirror-type motion detector with extended range of 18m – ideal for commercial applications and large residences.


Smoke Detectorsmoke detector

Wireless smoke detector with loud alarm sound and visual notifications.

Carbon Monoxide (C0) Detectorcarbon detector

Gives early warning before CO levels become dangerous; 5 years sensor live.



Comfortable and attractive keyfob with miniature design that enables easy arming and disarming.

Two-way Keyfobtwo-way keyfob

Attractive and ergonomic design, provides instant feedback of system status and commands.

Remote Commanderremote commander

User-friendly universal remote commander to control the security system.


Pendant-style Transmitterpendant style transmitter

Attractive, waterproof pendant-style transmitter with one button click for immediate emergency response.

Fall Detectorfall detector

Fully waterproof, factory-sealed emergency button with integrated fall detector that eliminates the danger of undetected falls.

Emergency Buttonemergency button

One button click for immediate emergency response; with large red button and back light to make it easily visible during day or night. Optional humidity-resistant silicon pocket enables safe use in humid environments such as bathrooms, showers, and gardens.


Indoor Siren

Self-powered, fully-wireless indoor siren and strobe with a sleek and modern design that fits any interior.

Outdoor Sirenoutdor siren

Self-powered, fully-wireless outdoor siren and strobe with a choice of red, blue, orange, or white strobe light lenses.

Magnetic Contact

Wireless compact door/window protector almost invisible on the wall.

Flood Detector

Highly sensitive, detects water at ground level.

Gas Detectorgas detector

Provides warning in case of natural gas leaks (Methane CH4, commonly used for cooking).

Temperature Detectortemperature detector

Issues an alert when the ambient temperature reaches predetermined thresholds; detects indoor or outdoor temperatures.


Extends the voice notifications and two-way voice communications capabilities of the security system to remote locations around the home.

Two-way Voice Keypadtwo-way voice keypad

Extends the functionality of the control panel to an additional location in the house.

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At Eyden’s Alarm Services we offer not only a state of the art security system that is the PowerMax Complete but also a diverse range of easy to use alarm accessories and upgrades for all alarm systems. Our range of wireless accessories separate into the categories of security, safety, control and emergency.

Alarm Security Installation Packages InfographicSecurity encompasses the detection accessories starting with wireless motion detectors, specifically designed with a pet tolerant model for animals weighing up to 38kg. This accessory is perfect for residential use in homes with pets and with its contemporary design, it can suit any décor. Curtain detectors equally maintain this contemporary design but are much smaller, being suitable for protecting windows and doors in both commercial and residential settings. The advanced wireless outdoor motion detector is perfect for tracking any outdoor movement with virtually no false alarms and again is perfect for residential and commercial use. Finally the Motion Mirror Detector, a wireless Mirror Motion type detector with a range of 18m, something ideal for commercial properties.

Safety based detectors come in the form of smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Both are wireless with the smoke detector providing the stand alarm sound and visual notification and the CO2 Detector providing early warning before the levels of Carbon Monoxide become dangerous.

For those who want more control over their alarm systems, there is the variety of wireless controls that we can provide starting with the Key fobs. There are two types of Key fob offered, the standard comfortable and attractive fob, which allows easy arming and disarming and the Two Way Key Fob, again attractive and provides an instant feedback of system status and commands. The other option is the remote commander; a user friendly universal remote, the commander is used to control the entire security system.

Finally, the last area of alarm accessories we provide is the Emergency transmitters. The Pendant Style transmitter is both stylish and waterproof allowing you to have immediate emergency response in one click. The Fall Detector again is fully waterproofed and is integrated with a fall detector to eliminate the danger of any undetected falls.

For a free consultation on any of these accessories feel free to call Eydens at our Coventry store today on 02476332524 we are happy to help, alternatively you can click here to email us.