Alarm Installation Packages

Burglar Alarm Installation

At Eyden Alarm Services we offer top of the range alarm package. These are compact and fully integrated wireless security solutions providing both security and personal safety, ideal in residential settings and small offices.

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A collection of Alarm Systems

Through this comprehensive range of advanced features and easy use combined with quick installation, our system is the most cost effective and modular security solution available in the industry.

The Burglar Alarm comes with a complete control panel and two standard PIR Detectors or can come with two Per Motion PIR Detectors, two Key fobs and Magnetic Contacts.

Package 1

The  Standard Burglar Alarm comes with

·         1x Control Panel C/W inbuilt Keypad
·         2x Standard or Pet Sensitive PIR detectors
·         2x Key fobs (Can be used to Arm and Disarm the Alarm  and as a panic button)
·         1x Door Contact
·         2x Proximity Fobs (Arm and Disarm the Alarm)
·         Inbuilt Autodialer  (up to four contacts can be stored to be notified in the event of an alarm activation)

Additional accessories can easily  be added at the time of installation or at a later date, for example smoke detectors,  extra PIR detectors , Extra door contacts, C02 detectors  click here for a more comprehensive list  

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Free Site Survey and Quotation

As there are many different size properties, many with different layouts, we believe that it is important to carry out a site survey when specifying for any alarm system. Eyden Alarm Services offer a Free No Obligation Alarm Survey and Quotation, we will send one of our experienced and knowledgeable installers (not a high pressure salesman) who will visit your property to conduct a professional survey. We will then advise you on the correct type of system and correct number of detectors to ensure that your property is sufficiently protected. We can even bring out a demonstration model which shows you how to set and unset the alarm system, show what happens if the alarm is triggered and how to set up the alarm and make a phone call with a voice alert.

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Alarm Installation FAQ’s


Q. How long does it take to install?
A. Our system is pre-configured away from your home and so can be installed in just a couple of hours.

Q. How do I operate it?
A. It is simple to use via a keyfob or a user code. You will be shown how to operate your new system day to day.

Q.  Will there be any mess?
A. As the system is wireless there will be virtually no mess and no need to run wires around your home.

Q. What happens if I move home?
A. Your system can move home with you although it will need to be professionally installed in your new property. However, the system will also be an additional selling point if you decide to leave it behind or the new owner may wish to purchase it from you.

Q. What happens if I have an issue or question at a later date?
A. As your installer we will always be happy to assist with any issues or questions that you may have.

Q. What if I go on holiday?
A. Simply arm the system when you leave your home. In the event of an incident up to four telephone numbers can be notified. You can also check the status of your system remotely and control it. If friends or neighbours need to enter your home leave them a keyfob or code and show them how to use the system.

Q. Can the wireless alarm be hacked into?
A. Our wireless system is manufactured by  one  of the world leading Burglar Alarm Manufactures and they use military grade encryption to ensure that you are always protected.

Q. Can I set the alarm not to cover some rooms in my house when I am in?
A. Yes the alarm system has two modes. Arm away and Arm at Home. Both modes can be set to arm different zones. For example Arm away is normally set so the alarm is  fully set (All Zones) while Arm at Home may exclude certain zones i.e. Landing so you don’t trigger your alarm if you get up in the night to use the bathroom. This can be easily set by our professional installer and can be tailored to match individual requirements

We can even bring out a demonstration model which shows you how to set and unset the alarm what happens if the alarm is triggered including a the burglar alarm making a phone call with a voice alert .

Q. Why choose Eydens?
A. Eydens have been installing and repairing burglar alarms since 1996 and have a wealth of experience and expertise. You can be rest assured that the burglar alarm will be professional installed providing you with many years of trouble free protection.

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