Alarm Monitoring

At Eyden Alarm Services we provide professional and personalised monitoring services to suit the need of any customers. Whether it be a residential or commercial property we are committed to regularly adapting and developing our system to your requirements. We provide different service packages to suit your need and provide the most cost effective solution.

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Our Ultimate Alarm Monitoring Service Package

This service, which has been developed and proven on landline systems, provides a fast, simple and fool proof system for responding quickly and appropriately to security and safety problems.

Depending on the devices it incorporates, your system can be configured to send up to 40 different alerts to the control centre of potential problems such as burglars, fire, carbon monoxide, flood, gas escapes.

Home SecurityThe monitoring controller has instant automatic, access on screen to relevant information such as your name, address passwords etc and will normally contact you within 60 seconds of receiving your systems alert at the control centre.

The controller will use the intercom facility which is inbuilt to your alarm control panel to request a password from you and, if it is received correctly, no further action will be taken.

We offer a duress password service. If you use your duress password via the intercom then we can summon help. If no password is received, the controller will telephone up to three contacts numbers or key-holders nominated in advance by you requesting them to check the outside of your home for suspicious signs, such as forced entry. The controller will contact the emergency services if one of your contacts finds evidence of an event or requested by you directly.

Cost Per month by Direct Debit just £14.95

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Alternatively you can choose one of our other Service Packages:

Bronze Alarm Monitoring

This service, regardless of property type will provide you with instantaneous emails alerting you when your alarm has gone off and a break in has occurred. The bronze package digital monitoring enables you to monitor your property through a secured connection and manage all of your controlled security devices.

Gold Alarm Monitoring

The Gold package allows Eyden Locksmiths and yourself to visually monitor your property and if necessary the appropriate action will be take via your contact numbers or emergency services. This is a service that will only come into effect if the silver service operator has failed to receive the correct password over the phone after receiving a system alert. This is the only instance this service will be used.

These packages are flexible to ensure Eyden Locksmiths provide you with the best service possible and are able to configure your system to suit your property and monetary requirements.

To find out more about which alarm monitoring package is best for you and your home please call us now on 024 7633 2524 and ask for your FREE no obligation quotation, alternatively you can click here to email us.