Choosing a locksmith? A local independent, or a national?

There are pros and cons to both choices, but the reasons for choosing a local, independent locksmith can tip the balance. An independent locksmith will aim for 110% when it comes to their products and service levels, and that’s because their reputations depend on it.

More value for money.

For small, independent locksmiths a lot of work is found through word of mouth rather than from big-budget advertising, so they are always striving to be as good as their last job. Every employee of an independent business has a personal interest in doing a good job. They are dedicated to their team and often have relationships with returning customers that have been built over time and it makes a difference being under the scrutiny of a business owner rather than a manager, which is why they always try harder.

Local is quicker and cheaper.

Having an independent locksmith in your local area means that they are always nearby and will get to you quicker than a national. It also means you won’t have any additional out-of-area charges that are charged by other locksmith businesses. In fact, at Eydens we do not charge for a call-out at all.

A fair price.

A local independent locksmith will always aim to give you a fair price. At Eydens, we know our labour charges are significantly less than most, and because we keep large stocks in our vans, and even more in our shop, most jobs can be completed in one quick visit. If we do have to collect stock, we never charge for that time, but a national locksmith might.

Speak to a locksmith, not a service team.

With an independent locksmith, you will find yourself talking to the locksmith himself, not a member of the service team. You’ll get answers to your problem and a quote straight away in most cases. With a national locksmith, you will often be talking to someone who then has to redirect your call or give you a ‘blanket’ quote as they might not necessarily be skilled and experienced enough to quote your exact requirements or give you the best options.

It’s a personal service.

Apart from the above, your local locksmith is part of the community and will want to treat you as they would want to be treated. They are more likely to spend the time to really listen to what you need and because of that, will often have their customers returning again and again.

Get local security advice.

They know your neighbourhoods too and will be able to give you on-the-ground security advice at the same time as replacing your locks.

You can trust an independent locksmith in your home.

Independent locksmiths like us, build trust with our customers and other businesses in the local area. People know they can trust us in their homes because our customer base has been built on years of relationship-building in Coventry and the surrounding area.

At Eydens, all our locksmiths are employed by us, known to us and are trusted members of our team who have been vetted by us. You won’t have sub-contractors in your home that are only known to us at the end of a phone.

This is in addition to the fact that employees of any locksmith of merit should be DBS-checked. Eydens Locksmiths are also members of the MLA, which is reassuring for our customers as they promote the skills, conduct and ethics of the industry.

Still not sure? Check your independent locksmith’s reviews.

When it comes to choosing a locksmith, reviews always trump national advertising. Getting first-hand information about people’s experience with your local independent locksmith is the best way to find a genuine, value-for-money locksmith near you. We’re proud of our review ratings on FB and Yell.

If you’re choosing a locksmith, we don’t think you can do better than your local independent, and here are a few more reasons why:

  • All work is insured and guaranteed.
  • No hidden costs or surprises. The price you are quoted is the price you’ll pay.
  • No extra waiting time. We have been in this industry for 25 years which gives us the experience to give you accurate timings on a job and/or waiting or appointment times.
  • MLA members
  • Trust the reviews, not the national advertising.

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