Broken Car Keys

Broken car keys and car keys snapping in the ignition lock is a common problem that we deal with. Usually caused by general wear and tear, car keys may weaken over time and then eventually snap.


Using specialist key extraction tools we are normally able to remove broken keys depending on the type of lock system and how much of the key has been left in the lock. Sometimes it is necessary to remove and strip down the lock to remove the key.

If you do happen to snap your car keys then don’t panic, we can still duplicate a new key from the pieces of your broken key. We can also replace the transponder chip from your snapped key into your replacement key if required.

Prevention is often better than cure so if you have noticed your car key starting to bend or it’s not always turning properly in the ignition then it makes sense to get it replaced now. You may unintentionally be causing damage to the ignition barrel of your vehicle by using it so it pays to get it replaced before any further problems or caused.

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