Lost Car Keys

Lost Keys on the sidewalkIf you are unfortunate enough to have lost your car keys and have no spares then we can help you gain entry to your vehicle using non destructive entry techniques. This will involve lock picking or other lock system manipulation methods.

We are specialists at gaining entry to private and commercial vehicles and we have the expertise and appropriate tools to carry out the work.

Once we have gained entry we can determine the requirements for your new car keys and make sure that they are programmed correctly to operate the immobiliser. We will also make sure that only your new car keys can be used by erasing the code from your lost keys so that they will no longer start the car. This will give you peace of mind just in case your car keys have been stolen.

The complex electronics that are in modern vehicles contain chips in the car keys which have to be programmed to ensure that your vehicle works. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to do this so you can be confident that we will get your car started again and be able to give you replacement sets of car keys.

Spare Car Keys
If you can’t find your spare set of car keys and you’re worried about only having one set then drop in to see us and we can sort out some spares in no time…
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Broken Car Keys
Broken car keys and car keys snapping in the ignition lock is a common problem that we deal with… Click below to find out how we can help you
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Stolen Car Keys
If your car or commercial vehicle keys have been stolen then we can cut and programme new Transponder keys to your vehicle… See if we can help you!
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Re-Shelling Car Keys
Your car key is used almost every day of your life and so it’s not surprising that these things get worn out… Find out more by clicking below.
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