Stolen Car Keys

If your car or commercial vehicle keys have been stolen then we can cut and programme new Transponder keys to your vehicle.

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In order to prevent the stolen keys being used we are able to re-programme your new keys so that only they can be used in the vehicle. By doing this the stolen keys will no longer be recognised by your vehicle ignition system.

crimincal with stolen car keys

It may still be possible for thieves to gain access to your vehicle using the stolen keys because they are cut the same way. They wouldn’t be able to start the vehicle but they could still potentially get access to your vehicle interior.

To avoid this it is possible to do a complete lock change or adjust the tumblers in each lock barrel so that they can’t gain entry. We will be able to advise you if this is necessary or not.

In the event of your car keys being stolen we would advise you to inform the police in order to file a stolen car key report.  You should also inform your insurance company.

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