Access Control

Eyden Locksmiths are specialists in the supply and installation of access control systems so that you can securely manage entry across your rooms and buildings.

Whether that’s through a complex electronic system whereby each access can be tracked and logged, to a standard mechanical coded lock, we can install which ever suits your needs and is tailored to your property.

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Mechanical Access Control

At Eyden Locksmiths we can supply and install simple mechanical push button locks with a single code access or more complex dual credential systems which are suitable for multiple users each with their own unique code.

Traditional mechanical locks, push button locks and high security cylinder suites are cost effective and reliable methods of providing secure access control so please contact us for more information.

Access control system in use

Digital Access Control

If you are looking for digital access control to your rooms and buildings then we can help. Digital access control is essentially an electronic version of a mechanical locking system. A  number is entered into the keypad in order to gain access to the building or room

The digital locking replaces the need for locks and keys which means that the risk of keys being lost, copied or stolen is eradicated.

Standalone Electronic Access Control

Standalone electronic access control systems incorporate access control, electronic locks, electrical override and supply into a single integrated unit. All of the control electronics are in the keypad or reader and they are a cost-effective way of controlling access to a building.

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Networked Access Control

Sometimes referred to as ‘PC based’ access control, these systems may be used to control one or several doors in a building. Access is gained by using a PIN with a keypad or a numeric code by presenting a proximity card.

Networked access control offers central control, via a network, sending commands to different doors. Reports can also be produced to detail who went into which rooms and at what times.

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