Breaking and entering is one of the most common crimes reported in residential areas of the UK. It’s better to stay safe and keep your home secure with a burglar alarm. Not only will they help prevent your property and possessions being damaged/stolen, burglar alarms also protect you from potential harm to you and your family. At Eyden we take home security very seriously, so we bring you 5 very good reasons to install a burglar alarm.

Similarly to a “Beware of the dog” sign, a burglar alarm can deter any potential thieves from even so much as opening your garden gate. But a burglar alarm is far more effective as a deterrent as, regardless of whether you throw a piece of raw steak over the gate, it will definitely go off…very loudly. Burglar alarms are excellent at stopping a potential burglary at the root of the problem rather than after it’s happened.
Keeps Valuables Safe

It doesn’t matter what you own – most burglars are small-time opportunists and they’ll steal anything. Installing burglar alarms keeps valuables safe and sound. Some of you may have priceless family heirlooms of sentimental value, in which case a burglar alarm is the perfect way to keep them secure in your home.
Saves Money on Home Insurance

As we mentioned above, burglar alarms are designed to protect both humans and possessions. Installing a burglar alarm reduces the risk of burglaries and, in turn, lowers your home insurance costs. Much like a new driver, insurance companies are taking a bigger risk on homes without a burglar alarm system set up – so get one installed to save up to 5% on your home insurance policy while keeping your household safe.
Entirely Bespoke

At Eyden we provide bespoke burglar alarm packages, as well as standard packages. We give you the option to set your burglar alarm as “arm at home” or “arm away.” This is so you can choose whether to set the burglar alarm for your entire home while you’re at work or on holiday – or only in certain parts of the home so you don’t accidentally set it off.
Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Mental health and wellbeing is very important to living a full and happy life. Burglar alarms work wonders in reducing stress and anxiety levels. They give you peace of mind while you’re away and they make you feel safe and secure when you’re home.

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