Since 2008 when the recession first hit, home safes have drastically increased in popularity. When people realised that they could no longer trust the banks with their money and valuables they decided to invest in their own form of security to ensure that their money and valuables are sufficiently protected. Although choosing a safe sounds like a lengthy and complicated process it is actually quite simple once you consider the following things.

The first aspect of a safe to look at is its fire rating which will tell you how long a safe can withstand direct flames without its contents being destroyed or damaged. This rating is measured in hours and generally it is recommended that you choose a safe with a minimum of one hour.

The next thing to look at is the safes cash rating which will tell you how burglar resistant the safe is. The rating is usually calculated by the strength of the safe including both its walls and door. It also looks at how complex the locking mechanism is and how difficult it is to remove the safe from where it is located. Naturally, the higher the rating, the more secure the safe is from burglary. However, do remember that although the cash rating may be high, it may have a low fire resistance so make sure you thoroughly research each safe and read a variety of reviews.

Although people like the idea of a large safe, it is usually more advisable to purchase something small as they are easier to conceal and can be placed in a variety of environments. This is why it is important that you pre determine the volume of items that need to be put in your safe so you can make sure you aren’t buying anything too large.

It is also important to decide whether you want the safe to be portable or to be a permanent fixture in your home. In an emergency you will be able to pick up your safe and carry it with you but if it is bolted into the building you must be sure that it is a model that has the appropriate ratings to withstand either a fire or burglary.

Finally, you must keep your budget in mind and purchase the best possible safe to meet your needs. Although prices can be quite high, you must remember that you are protecting money, valuables and essential documentation and therefore you must decide what they are worth to determine your budget.

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