Master Key Suite

We can install master key lock systems in your property, from small premises to commercial and industrial buildings; no job is too big or small. It can be important to have a controlled key system within your business property – a master key system means that there is one master key that can unlock all doors under the system. Each door will have its own separate key but only the master key has the function to open them all, giving controlled access within the premises. Having the master key not only means you don’t have to carry round a whole bunch of keys for separate doors, but it also means there’s less of a risk of losing a key.mul-t-lock logo

When choosing a master keyed suite it is important to plan ahead, therefore when planning the master key suite, we would always advise our clients  to build into the plan extra differs or sub suites to allow for expansion. For example a landlord owns 30 houses and the landlord requires all these house to be master keyed, after speaking  with the landlord to see what they are planning for the future,  ,we would look to add  the ability to include for  additional houses and/or flats. All this is  done Free Of Charge

Another important factor is deciding if key control is important! Key control is where only additional keys can be cut with authorisation by a specific person/s. This is normally agreed upon production of the master keyed suite, but the authorised persons/s can be changed at any time. An example of why you would want key control is, A key holder leaves the company and hands back the key for the shop\office etc. , the company can be reassured that the key holder no longer has access as no extra keys could have possibly been cut. The same idea for a contractor, when they have finished working and handed back the key, you can be rest assured that they have not had a key duplicated and access the property.

mul-t-lock family tree key system

Summary Of Master Keyed Suite Platforms

Mul-T-Lock Classic
Original Mul-T-Lock product, the Mul-T-Lock Classic is now only supported to maintain existing  master keyed suites No Key Control

Mul-T-Lock MT5 
New platform with good master keyed capabilities. Long term Key Control, High Security Dimple Key

Mul-T-Lock Interactive Plus
Exceptional Master Keying Capabilities,, ideal for very large and  complicated suites. Full Key Control, Very High Security Dimple Key

Mul-T-Lock Integrator
Entry Level Master Keying Capabilities, High Security Dimple Key, Good Master Keying Capabilities with Key Control

Mul-T-lock Garrison
Entry Level Master Keyed Suite, High Security Dimple Key ,Good Master  Keying Capabilities, with no Key Control

Grand Master System

grand master key system example

In this situation the grand master key will open all locks in the system, but below this level the system has been divided into two separate sub groups.

Master Key 1 will only open those locks that come under its control without opening any under master key 2 and vice versa.

This can be expanded to more than two separate groups if required which can be very useful in a large office block situation where more than two separate groups are required possibly for different departments in the building.
The different key is the base level key this will only allow access to its designated lock.

Master Key System

master key system example

In this second example the master key will open all of the locks in the system and the different keys (base keys) will only open their own lock.

This option is practical for small business, office or even small guest house applications.

As long as you do not issue a grand master key to any unauthorised person, if a key is lost or missing the lock can be re-pinned to the next available combination very quickly so as to protect the access to your premises.

Common Cylinder System

common cylinder system example

The third example shows a system that is known as a central locking or common cylinder system. The central cylinder is assembled to allow all of the individual keys not only to operate their own lock but also operate the central or common cylinder as well.

You can also incorporate a master key into this system to allow access to all doors by one key if so required.

This is a particularly useful system for any small building that may have a communal entrance such as a block of flats or a small office situation where all occupants must have access into the property but then only be able to access their own flat or office.


Keyed Alike System

keyed alike system example

Figure four cannot really be called a master key system as it has no master key or indeed any individual differ keys.

It is basically a group of cylinders that can be of all the same type as shown or mixed profiles and sizes of cylinder or padlock that have been assembled using the same combination.

This means only one key is required to open all the locks that have been built.