Safe Services

Eyden Locksmiths provides speedy, reliable and professional safe services throughout the Coventry area and the rest of the UK. We work with domestic customers and those in the commercial and industrial sectors to supply, install, maintain, open, move and repair safes.

With over 20 years’ experience in the locksmith and security industry, we’ve built up a strong reputation for quality. We’re members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA), and our experienced team of safe engineers are fully trained, CRB-checked, and insured.

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Safes are an increasingly important element of security. They provide a high level of protection against burglary at your home or business premises. In addition, they offer peace of mind that your cash, jewellery, important documents, electrical devices and other valuables will be secure.

At Eyden Locksmiths, we provide the following specialist safe services:

Safe Installation & SupplyInstalled safe

Whether you need a small, simple safe for your home, or a large, top-of-the-range unit for your commercial property, we offer a complete supply and installation solution to meet your needs.

With a wide variety of safes on the market, it’s essential to choose the right option. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, from deciding on the best safe for your requirements to advising you on the most suitable location for installation.

We will visit your premises, carry out a survey and discuss your requirements, before explaining the options available. Safes range in specifications, but with a wide variety at our disposal – including freestanding safes, floorboard safes, under-floor safes, wall safes, key safes, as well as key cabinets and cash boxes – we have the right option for your needs and budget.

Safe Opening

Do you have that sinking feeling? Perhaps you’ve lost your key, forgotten or mislaid your key code, or maybe you simply can’t get your safe door open.

We have a team of fully trained, experienced safe engineers with the knowledge and expertise to open your safe with the minimum of fuss.

Forget those movie scenes, where thieves drill into a safe in seconds. In truth, opening a safe takes skill and dedication. Our engineers can open most safes using advanced techniques such as picking locks, or manipulating locks to determine their combination. Both techniques will not cause any permanent damage to the safe or its locking mechanism. We will only use a drill as a last resort, and we will drill so the safe can be reused.

All our engineers are up to date with the latest safe technology so we can gain entry to your safe with the minimum of hassle.

Safe Repair

If you’re experiencing problems with your safe – perhaps it’s becoming increasingly difficult to lock or unlock – then it’s always advisable to have it checked over by an expert as soon as possible. It’s easier and cheaper to deal with a safe when it’s open, than when it’s refusing to budge.

At Eyden Locksmiths, our experienced team of safe engineers is always on call to help you with any repairs or maintenance to your safe, whether it’s routine maintenance or damage as a result of fire, theft or flooding. We will attend your premises and advise you whether the safe is worth repairing and, if it is, we will carry out the repairs immediately.

All members of our team have been CRB checked and are up to date with evolving safe technology.

Moving a SafeSafe being moved using metal trolley

Eyden Locksmiths are specialists in professional safe moving, whether you’re moving house or business premises, or you simply need your safe moved to a different location in your current property.

Our dedicated team of safe engineers will carefully remove your safe, and relocate it wherever you want. Many safes are large, heavy, awkward objects to move, but we have the specialist equipment to move them up or down stairs, in or out of windows, and even up or down lift shafts.

Sometimes people use their normal domestic removers to relocate a safe for them. But without the specialist knowledge, they often cause damage to the safe or the area around it. All our engineers are trained in the latest technology, and use special techniques to ensure that nothing is damaged in the relocation.

We can also remove and dispose of old safes.

Combination Changescombination safe with set of keys

There are several different reasons for requesting a combination change on your safe. Perhaps you’ve had a staff change at work or it’s company policy to change the combination every few months. Maybe you’ve lost your combination.

Whatever the reason, our safe engineers can change the combination on your safe, regardless of its age or specifications. We are experienced in dealing with all safes, from the old mechanical safe locks to the latest technology with digital keypads and electronic locking mechanisms.

Changing a Safe Lock

Are you frustrated by your key lock, or fed up of your old manual combination lock? Do you need to add additional security or add another user for your safe?

If you are happy with your safe, but would like a different lock, we offer a retrofitting service that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Our team of safe engineers stock a variety of different locks so we can update almost any type of safe lock immediately. If we don’t have the lock you require, we can usually source it and have it with you within 24 hours.

Many people opt to update to an electronic lock, which simplifies access and allows you to add multiple user codes where required. For businesses, this offers a secure means of audit as you can monitor access and have a trail to follow if there is a discrepancy in your figures.

Safe Hire

Whether you need a safe from a day to a  year, Eydens can help. We currently rent out safes from a small domestic safe to a £60K Cash rated grade 4 insurance safe.  Ideal if you in temporary premises or having a special event where you would be holding more valuables than usual  (Cash or Jewellery ).

All safes are supply and installed by our own professional team of safe installers. All CRB Checked, Insured and Risk and Method Statements produced.

Please let us contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quotation

  • Rough Size
  • Key Lock or Electronic Combination (Or Both)
  • Cash Rating (£1K to £60k)
  • Delivery Postcode
  • Approximate Length of Hire Required

Spare Safe Key Cuttingmetal key with spare

If you simply need an additional safe key cutting, or you have lost one of the keys Eydens can help. We have the expertise in how to cut such a precise key which are guaranteed to work, all of our keys are cut on site in our store located in Coventry. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.

Why Choose Us?

At Eyden Locksmiths, we’re fiercely proud of our reputation for providing a quality service to our customers. With many years’ experience in the locksmith and security industry, we keep ourselves up to speed with the latest safe technology and developments so we can offer a prompt, hassle-free experience to our customers. We are MLA (Master Locksmith Association) approved, so you can guarantee that we know what we are doing!

All our engineers are highly trained, and have been CRB checked for your peace of mind.

For further details on any of our specialist safe services, or to request a quote or installation, contact us today on 024 7633 2524, or you can click here to email us.


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