Peugeot Immobiliser Repairs

There is nothing quite as infuriating as a Peugeot car or van that won’t start because the immobiliser just isn’t working. The good news is that this isn’t something that needs a main dealer to sort as here at Eyden’s we are fully equipped to get you going again.

Common Peugeot Immobiliser problems

Every day we get calls from people who are locked out or are having problems with their Peugeot car or van and many of these problems are easily solved.

Common Peugeot problems include;

  • The Central Locking stops working
  • Your car or van won’t start and the immobiliser light comes on
  • The immobiliser light is constantly flashing
  • The car starts then stops
  • Your alarm is not working
  • The key has an undefined problem and stops working

If you are suffering any of these with your Peugeot van or car then don’t worry, we can help. The list above is not exhaustive and they are just some of the many symptoms of immobiliser faults.

At Eydens Locksmiths we are able to undertake immobiliser re-programming which means your Peugeot car or van can work again without having to change your original locks and or keys. Avoid the main dealer prices, call out Eydens.

Peugeot Relay problems

We are repairing lots of Ducato, Relay and Boxer ECU’s and immobilisers. These regularly get corrupted when the vehicles are jump started and then will not start afterwards. We can make good a repair on these by sending us the ECU and immobiliser box. This saves the need to have a new immobiliser and keys done at the dealers at a fraction of the cost. The good news is that it can all be done by post if you are at a distance and want to fit it yourself or we can also call out to remove the ECU and Immobilizer box for you if you are within thirty miles of our workshop.

The symptoms of this problem are that the car does not start after flat battery or jump start and key light flashes. Also Locksmiths and Technicians will notice that there is erroneous data from immobiliser or 8+ keys showing as programmed.

Call us out now

Don’t sit there without your Peugeot car or van when we are just a phone call away. Don’t forget, we come to you and can repair your Peugeot car or van at home, work or at the roadside.

Call us now on 024 7633 2524 and our wheels are rolling to you.