Focus on Ford: Ford car key replacement

Whether you drive a Ford Fiesta, a Puma, a Kuga or any other one of the popular cars from the Ford brand, you probably place great value on your car. After all they are a pretty costly but absolutely necessary augmentation to our daily lives and work. So, we look after them, service them regularly and look after the paint work with regular washing and care. What we tend to overlook is the one thing that literally starts the whole thing moving, your Ford car key.

At any time, you can find yourself without that essential spare car key. You had two but one got lost or wore out and you’re down to the remaining one. Afterall they always seem so expensive to replace or you just didn’t get around to it.

Lost or broken Ford your car keys?

What happens when you lose or break it? How can you unlock your vehicle and get going?

Now you’re stuck and usually in a rush to get to work, pick up the kids from school or worse still, you’re miles from home.

What you need is a safe, reliable, reasonably priced service that can be called out to an emergency situation. And you won’t find better in the Coventry area than professional auto locksmiths, Eydens.

Ford car key replacement

A seasoned locksmith can deal with any car key replacement. And if you own a Ford vehicle, they can assist you with replacing your car key. There’s nothing like getting help ASAP when you get into an emergency situation!

About Ford cars in the UK

Ford is the UK’s best selling car brand and has been the most popular choice for decades. And when it comes to customer satisfaction, Ford can deliver on interior space, low running costs and a wide choice of engines, which is probably why the Ford Fiesta is the most owned car in a survey run by Which magazine, with the Ford Focus the fourth highest.

If you need a larger model, there is loads of space in the Ford Mondeo, Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy models, as well as the crossover SUV 4x4s like the Ford Kuga.

It stands to reason that there are a lot of Ford cars on our roads, so it’s no surprise local locksmiths like Eydens in Coventry have perfected the replacement of this brand’s car keys.

Need a new Ford car key?

Lost your car key (and not having a spare)?

Your keys are stuck in the ignition?

You’ve locked your keys in the car?

The key broke off in the lock or ignition?

Whatever the situation, Eydens will come to you.

Not only can we cut new standard car keys, but we can also make and program transponder keys on the spot – no towing required!

So, if you do find yourself without a car key for any reason, don’t panic, call us!

What kinds of Ford car key replacements are there?

You might worry that the kind of Ford key you have cannot be replaced or repaired, so let us assure you now, it can. You might need a new key for any number of reasons, but our service is the same day (often quicker).

Professional auto locksmiths come to you

We will send one of our mobile auto locksmiths to where your Ford car or van is located, professionally pick open your vehicle lock without any damage, and decode your car or van lock using a specialist tool. We will then cut and program you a new key at a fraction of the price Ford would charge. We also delete the missing key from the immobiliser so the missing key cannot start the engine.

Stolen Ford car keys

What would you do if you had the key to your Ford car or van stolen? It’s easy, call us on 02476 332524 and we will send one of our professional auto locksmiths to you. They will quickly change the locks and program new keys while you wait, getting you back on the road fast, and keeping your car and van safe and secure

Replacement batteries for Ford remote and proximity/smart keys

Ford remote keys and Proximity/Smart Keys come with models such as the Ford EcoSport, the Ranger, Transit Connect, Ford Edge, Galaxy, KA and the Ford C-Max Focus and Kuga systems, and need new batteries for them to work properly.

If you notice that the keys don’t open the car unless you get close to your vehicle it might be time to replace the batteries. On some of the Ford ranges you will also get a low-key battery message displayed on the dashboard/instrument cluster of your vehicle. If you need your key batteries changing, why not pop into our shop: 42-44 Wallace Rd, Radford Coventry CV6 2LX.

You won’t need an appointment to get your key battery replaced while you wait, and we’re open from Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5.30 pm

Lost Ford car keys

Lost ALL your keys to your Ford car or van and thinking of calling your Ford dealer? Think again!
Ford does not store key numbers, so Ford would have to forcibly break into your car or van. Then change ALL the locks and only then, program new keys. This is on top of having to recover the vehicle and bring it to your local ford dealer. Often there is a time factor involved, waiting for parts to arrive, and for the workshop to book the vehicle into a time slot to complete the job.

You have another option, give Eydens a call on 02476 332524.

Use a professional Ford car auto locksmith

If you are stranded, locked out or stuck because of any car key related situation, it’s important to keep calm. Don’t panic! Getting locked out of your own vehicle – despite being incredibly frustrating – is not the end of the world, though it’s perfectly understandable if your anxiety soars.

Wherever you are in Coventry or surrounding Coventry area, once we get your emergency call about your Ford car key replacement, we will be there as soon as we can! Call Eydens today!

GOOD TIP: You’ll never know when you might need to call out an emergency auto locksmith, so why not save our number in your phone? 02476 332 524