Think about it, just for a moment. Because we don’t.

When it comes to our car keys we just expect them to be there, until they’re not.

It’s usually when you least expect it. Your key breaks off in the lock or stops working just as you are racing to a meeting 30 miles away. You’ve lost your key, but you can’t remember where because you haven’t been out in the car for a week.

Oh no! That was the only key I had!

If you’ve only got one key or you’ve just lost the only one you had, you’re going to need a replacement fast. And that’s what we do on most makes and models of vehicle. We programme a new key to your vehicle and delete any missing keys, getting you back on the road asap.

I need my vehicle opening

If you do manage to lock yourself out, or just need to get into your car to retrieve your belongings, we can be with you on the same day and open your car professionally without causing any damage. The solutions are there, just give us a call with the make, model, year and registration of your vehicle and we’ll do the rest.

What about stolen keys?

The service is the same except so instead of reaching for the phone to call your insurance company, give us a call. We will attend to your call on the same day and change the locks for what averages out to be the same as your excess. So much simpler.

Worn out keys can be repaired

Over time your car keys wear out and many of us either end up running it into the ground until they key itself breaks or we purchase a new key.

Both options are often costly but aren’t always necessary. We can re-shell your key by putting a new plastic body back onto the key. It will look brand new and is much cheaper than replacing the whole key.

I need to get going, fast.

We can respond to an emergency call out so take a note of our number now, just in case. You’ll find us friendly, professional and very prompt. Call 02476 332 524

All key types catered for.

We cut and program all types of vehicle keys:

Remote keys and fobs: We hold over 350 different remote keys and fobs in stock allowing a fast response service to replace any missing keys.

Transponder keys: A lot of car keys today come with a transponder, which uses a microchip embedded within the head of the key, programmed to your vehicle by the manufacturer. Contact us if you’d like us to check if you can have a standard transponder key for your vehicle.

Dash keys: Popular in Volkswagen, Audi, Landrover and BMW vehicles. Eydens can supply and program keys to these vehicles and delete missing keys from the cars immobiliser system. Main dealers have long delivery times on dash keys, however we, hold large stocks of dash style keys making your key replacement fast and efficient.

Key cards: Key cards are regularly used with Renault vehicles and are easily broken, but we carry large stocks of keycards, so we can respond quickly to your requirements.

Proximity key smart keys and keyless keys: Proximity and Smart keys are becoming the most popular type of car key. They come with varying functionality and nearly all vehicle manufacturers now produce a vehicle which uses this type of key, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, KIA, Porsche and Volkswagen. We are experienced in suppling and coding of proximity, smart and keyless keys to all vehicle makes up to and including 2020 models

Mercedes electronic keys: Eydens can supply and code keys to most Mercedes vehicles up to 2014 models and delete any missing keys from vehicle’s immobiliser system Also, no long wait for a key from your Mercedes dealer. We can provide a spare or replacement key at the roadside or at our shop in Wallace Road, Coventry.

We hope you never find yourself stuck somewhere without your car key and one way not to end up in that situation is to do something now. If you’re down to one key or your key is looking a little worn, get that extra key done now.