This is the time of year when the delivery business starts to boom. Black Friday sales, Christmas presents and the tendency to order online since the start of the Covid pandemic has meant we need more delivery drivers than ever, which also means more opportunity for thieves. At some stage you will need to look at van security, whether they’re after what’s inside or can get into the van and drive off.

But let’s not forget that delivery vans have been targeted for some time and replacing your van or the tools of your trade has always been time consuming and expensive. If you want to make sure your van or fleet is protected, there are some physical deterrents that we can help with:

Deadlocks: These are additional security devices that can be fitted to vehicle doors. When the key is turned, a bolt made from hardened material is thrown into a receiver mounted in the opposing section of the vehicle body. It’s pretty effective.

Slamlocks: A slam lock operates automatically and secures the door as soon as it is shut without the need for a deliberate locking action by the driver. This is especially useful for applications such as multi-drop deliveries, high value loads and situations where you need to be sure no one can easily get into an unattended van, even if only left for a few moments.

Arma D Locks: Another retrofittable device to help fortify you commercial vehicle. Arma D locks can be fitted to virtually any type of vehicle door, be it a slider or a set of rear doors, providing a strong additional barrier to entry. The lock body is made from precision aluminium and houses a 12 mm steel alloy bolt. With its cylinder mechanism built around a high precision pin tumbler system, Arma D Lock provides a high level of pic and drill resistance.

Ford transit lock upgrade: If you have a transit, did you know you can upgrade the driver’s door lock to one that is much harder to pick and force? This upgrade lock is a simple and efficient way to improve the security of your van. It comes with superb security features such as anti-pick, anti-spin and anti-drill.

Our Ford Transit lock upgrades are suitable for 2000 onwards and Ford Transit Custom 2012 onwards. Please call to check your van.

L4V external shields/repair plates: perpetrators trying to access vans will now often attack the mechanism in the door rather than the door lock and barrel itself. L4V protects the bodywork against punctures that will be attempted with this type of entry. The shields are also a visual deterrent and are specific to the vehicle type.

If you’re in any doubt though speak to one of our team who can give you some great advice on what the best solution for you would be. New security devices are coming into the market all the time so it’s worth checking with us so we can give you the latest options.

We work on individual vans as well as fleets and if there is an issue with keys we deal with most key types and vehicle models.

Vehicle security is a worthwhile investment, especially when for so many it is their sole source of livelihood. We have heaps of experience with most makes of vehicles and will give you the best advice and quality security products we can. Call us to discuss your requirements and get protected.