Access control systems are electronic security solutions which are installed to help you manage the movement of people on your premises. Having this kind of system in place is everything you need in order to know who is in your premises and when they are there. It enables you to give and take entry to staff and visitors who are entitled to access. It will act as a visible deterrent to those trying to access areas they are not permitted to be in, whether it is secured to a single entrance point or applied across the site with a variety of doors and access zones.

There are many benefits to having an access control system installed on your premises, consisting of the following:

  • It helps you to manage the security of your site as a whole with both permanent and contract staff who leave.
  • It enables you to restrict car park access to only authorised personnel.
  • Lost keys will not be an issue as you can quite easily issue and new card and void the old one so there are no possibilities of a security breach
  • Anyone on the site without either an access card or a pin is prevented from having access
  • It enables you to have all of your security centrally controlled from one point
  • It provides you with on and off site management control
  • You will be able to improve staff management with report making it easier for human resources to keep track of employees’ time keeping and track staff movements throughout the day.
  • It is much easier to generate a register of who is on site in the event of a fire
  • Certain doors can be set to be open during set periods of the day using this system
  • It stops knowledge of entry codes circulating and causing a security breach
  • With a more secure restricted access system you can safeguard your stock and equipment better.

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