Being burgled is a terrifying thought that we try not to ever think of happening to our own homes. However, the reality is that if your home is not fully protected and fitted with a burglar alarm or a security system, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. There are many different burglar alarm and security systems that you can have installed in your home but arguably one of the most important aspects to look into when choosing the system is that it is monitored. There are many benefits to installing a monitored burglar alarm which consist of the following:

  • When a monitored alarm system is triggered the police will be immediately notified and dispatched straight away if the password is not verified. But you will find that with cheaper alarm systems, the police are not as readily available.
  • Due to the advanced technology involved with this kind of alarm system, it is very unlikely for there to be a false alarm. Properties that regularly have false alarms are less likely to be visited by the police and will be ignored by neighbours.
  • If you have a good alarm system that is well monitored you will find that insurance companies are willing to offer discounts ranging from 2%-15% on home contents insurance.
  • Burglars will be deterred if they see that you have a monitored alarm system with statistics showing that 60% of all burglaries in homes with alarm systems fitted are unsuccessful.
  • Most professional burglars will often try to tamper with or cut the alarm. With a monitored burglar alarm the police are automatically notified.
  • Monitored alarm systems not only monitor burglar activity but also have different systems to monitor fires, gas and false alarms.

With these factors in mind, you will find that in the long term it is worth spending the extra money on a monitored alarm system to help you feel safe whether you are in or out of your home.

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