We all want to keep our homes secure and one of the things that you’ll be checking if you are out for the evening or off on holiday, is that your doors and windows are secure.

Sometimes uPVC doors and window can become difficult to open or close and leaving even a small gap in the frame might just be the prompt a burglar needs to see if it will open completely.

Difficulty in opening or closing uPVC doors or windows, stiff handles or faulty mechanisms can all be fixed quite easily by a professional locksmith, so they are problems that are not worth putting off.

The handle is stiff, and the key does not fully turn

In this case, it is most likely that your uPVC window or door has become misaligned, and the bolts cannot fully get into the locking position. There are a couple of reasons why this happens.

  • It can be caused by the typical expansion and contraction of uPVC windows that occurs in very hot or cold weather, and that in the UK, there is no getting away from.
  • It can also be caused over time by general wear and tear, repeated slamming or people hanging on the door.

In this instance, the fix is usually centred around the hinges. They just need to be adjusted so that the door or window is back in alignment.

The handle is stuck or the handle or key spins without opening the door or window

This can happen because the stiff handle problem was not addressed. Quite often, the handle gets forced and after a while, the internal parts will break. This is most likely going to mean a replacement of the back box, or the complete locking unit, depending on the type of lock you are using. For this fix, we would recommend the services of a professional locksmith to regain entry and change the locks.

The lock snaps

Many locks fitted to uPVC doors do not always meet British Standard TS007 at the manufacture stage which means the lock can be easily. broken. The most common, and unfortunately very fast, method that burglars use to gain access to your property is lock bumping or lock snapping, so it is worth checking that the quality of your locks are up to spec. If they aren’t think about getting them upgraded to something designed to beat the burglars such as the Ultion lock. Give us a call if you’d like to know more.

More tips to keep your uPVC windows and doors in tip top shape

Keep your doors looking smart and welcoming

One of the things we overlook with our uPVC doors is keeping them looking good and up to date. We only really look at our doors from the outside for brief moments in the day, but it is going to be the first thing that friends and other visitors will see when they come to your home. So, think about your door furniture as well as your indoor furniture.

There’s a lot more to your front and back door that you first thought; colours, finishes and design can make such a difference. Have a look at the great range from Brisant and give the approach to your house a make-over.

meet the sweet range

Door handles in coventry

Look after your hinges and locks

If you find your window is becoming difficult to open it is often because of dirt build up over time, and because it happens gradually, you don’t notice until the lock or hinge starts to fail. So instead of having to call a locksmith later, start looking after your hinges and locks now. All you need to do is clean them with a cloth on a regular basis, and apply a lubricant e.g. a silicone spray so that they keep moving smoothly.

For more information or if you have questions about uPVC window and door locks, please give us a call at Eydens.